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I am a web developer and designer currently working remotely from Palm Springs, California. I grew up in rural Iowa, but moved around quite often in my childhood. When I’m not behind the computer, you can probably find me on a road trip, working on my pilot’s license, or at one of the many fabulous restaurants here.

I’m currently a senior software engineer at Dave (a neobanking platform) working on the frontend infrastructure. Most of my days consist of tweaking configs, writing handy CLIs, and chasing those (always flaky) CI pipeline issues. Outside of my full-time, I also take on a few freelance projects a year. Drop me a line if you’re interested!


Senior Software Engineer
2022 - Present

Senior Web Developer
2021 - 2022

Ping Identity
UX Engineer
2019 - 2021

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Have a project idea and want to work with me? I’d love to hear from you.

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Updated January 2023