Hello, Again (A Weekly Wrap-Up)

Ok so my last post appears to be… November 27th. Oh, how the time flies. But to stay I’ve been busy in the time since would definitely be an understatement. Aside from spending time with my family for the holidays, I’ve been gearing up to move to Denver in a few weeks (more details on that in a future post) and getting antiquated with my new remote position as a web developer at BriteBee!

BriteBee is an insurance search engine and marketing agency that is revolutionizing the insurance industry by putting the customer first and never selling your data. They reached out to me some time ago, asking if I was interested in interviewing and after checking out their website and reading up on the team, I accepted!

Keagan (pronounced KAY-gan) is BriteBee’s visionary and CEO, pushing all the teams working on that platform to perform our best. I really liked his energy and bluntness in the few calls/emails we had and I accepted the position just over a week after the first contact.

Every day since joining the crew has been jam-packed with insightful meetings, WordPress development, and lots of design work. I definitely see myself as a developer first, designer second, however, given my background in photography, I decided to take a stab at web design again and am very happy with what I’ve been churning out thus far!

It’s also been good to work in PHP and WordPress again after quite some time. It’s honestly a great CMS when you take the time to get to know it and it’s a welcome break from the recent intensive backend work I’ve been doing. Since starting at BriteBee less than a week ago, I’ve created one entire WordPress theme, designed two other themes from the ground-up that will go into production very soon, and provided occasional IT support to the marketing/sales teams when needed.

During the Praxis Wednesday video call this week, the topic of “What’s up?” was brought up. We deliberated for over 40 minutes on the complexity of those words and what the proper response to them is, if any. I really found it fascinating that depending on how you answer, it can be a great way to flip a mundane, unassuming question into a quality conversion and social capital. Now to put that into practice!

Speaking of remote video calls, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t initially worried I would lose focus whilst working remotely. I’ve really been diligent about tracking my hours, blocking out time, and focusing on what’s important. Although I’m no morning person, the 7am alarms are starting to become more of an expected occurrence instead of a traumatizing ritual.

Looking forward to crushing it in Week 2 of my Praxis apprenticeship!