Value Proposition

As part of the Praxis bootcamp, we’re tasked with creating a value proposition for a fictional company. Here’s mine for Pattiegonia, a clothing company specializing in outdoor gear.

Hi, Pattiegonia team.

I’ve been a wearer and advocate of your products for a number of years now, and have visited your website countless times. I’ve come up with a few things that I think could improve your engagement and increase sales that I could help you out with:

1. Think about the funnel.

Presently you just have one CTA on the hero section of your landing page; the rest of your home page is occupied with product videos and photos, but no way to actually get to the “shop” part of the website without scrolling.

This could me remedied by a simple re-design of your lander. I have experience in both web design, development, and e-commerce and have built sites that have engagement rates surpassing 90% and would love to talk over some concepts that I’ve drawn up and attached.

2. Improve quality of media.

When selling online, photos and videos are the closest your customers get to actually being able to touch and see the product. This means that it’s imperative that you have high-quality photos and videos that show off the craftsmanship in your clothing (which I can attest to).

As a photographer with experience in the fashion industry, I went ahead and took some photos of models in your clothing and posted them to my Instagram. I’ve received dozens of messages asking where to buy the clothing and I’ve pointed them all in your direction. I’m sure the photos will have the same effect on your website.

If any of the points I brought up resonated with you, I’d love to talk more about possibly working as an intern with Pattiegonia, either remotely or on-location, to help increase website engagement and sales.

Look forward to hearing back soon,

Noah Buscher