24 Hours in Los Angeles

This is a post in a mini-series I’ll be doing where I walk through some essential things to do if you have limited time in a new city. This edition is “24 Hours in Los Angeles”, touching on some of my newfound favorite spots in the City of Angels.

I’ve surprised even myself with the number of visits I’ve made to Los Angeles this year (I think five now) and I never am at a loss for things to do. I will say that thought my productivity might go down whenever I step foot into the dreamy world of LA, my happiness undoubtedly goes up. Here’s some of the things I’ve enjoyed doing while in town.


I feel like I don’t need to really even say much here, but this city near LA famous for it’s pristine beaches, gorgeous houses, and even prettier sunsets is a favorite of mine. Once you’re done shopping ‘till you drop at Malibu Village, you can recline with you friends (or by yourself!) on one of the many public beaches around the city to watch the sun set over the Pacific ocean.

Abbot Kinney

This somewhat-famous road in Santa Monica stretches diagonal from Brooks Avenue to Venice Boulevard. It’s full of amazing local stores, cute boutique restaurants, and some of the cutest coffee shops in the city. I’d book out at least an hour or two to walk down both sides of the street to see the sights and smell the smells.

Larchmont Bungalow Cafe

This cute boutique eatery on Sunset Boulevard was a favorite brunch spot of mine in the city. Fairly priced, great atmosphere, and a friendly wait-staff really sealed the deal for me. Not to mention the eggs benedict I ordered was done to perfection, down to the sautéed spinach. Definitely going to make a point to visit this again!

Echo Park

A great place for a stroll with a friend, Echo Park features a large “lake” (the equivalent of a Midwest pond) that takes up the majority of the space. Water lilies and ducks pockmark the surprisingly clean water, and you can even rent a swan boat to cruise the lake with your lover.

Club Avalon

This unique nightclub was one of the 18+ nightclub establishments that was brought up, specifically for its Thursday night parties. It’s gone by many different names over the years, but has remained a favorite of the younger Hollywood and WeHo crowds. Great sound system, go-go dancers, and more LCD panels than a Best Buy make sure you won’t get bored.


Home of some of the best food in LA, I spent two nights in Koreatown with friends, meeting amazing people and trying some of the local food. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area and pro-tip: Airbnbs here are surprisingly cheap and are centrally located so you can venture off anywhere in the metro without too much hassle.

Runyon Canyon Park

By no means a secret of LA, Runyon Canyon is a very popular hiking destination for tourists and locals alike and for good reason. The views are fabulous at the top but the trails are easy enough for beginners yet just challenging enough to give the seasoned hiker a good time.