24 Hours in San Francisco

This is the first of a mini-series I’ll be doing where I walk through some essential things to do if you have limited time in a new city. This edition is “24 Hours in San Fransisco”, touching on some of my newfound favorite spots in the Bay Area.

San Francisco might be known around the world for the intense startup culture, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz, however there is so much more that the city can offer if you’re willing to dig a bit deeper. Here’s some of my favorite things I did during my time in the city.

Tip: A Clipper card can get you anywhere. Purchase one ($3.00 fee) at a metro station and use it for trains, subways, and busses around the Bay Area. Super useful if you’re not one to carry a lot of loose change.

Boba Guys

If you like bubble tea, this place is an institution. There are a few locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, but it all started right there in the Bay Area. Their extensive boba menu is complimented by an always-friendly staff and unique locations. My favorite personal order is the jasmine milk tea with tapioca balls, organic milk, and 75% sweetness. Absolute bliss!

The Castro

There are so many amazing restaurants, clubs, and shops in this district that it would take multiple articles to cover them all, so I’ve taken the liberty of just suggesting you visit The Castro and see it for yourself. As the more-or-less unchallenged gay capital of the world, this San Francisco neighborhood is home to a rich history, vibrant nightlife, and gorgeous architecture.

Palace of Fine Arts

This might be the most “touristy” thing on this list, but the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts is a sight to behold. Situated close to the Golden Gate Bridge in Presidio, this beautiful piece of architecture is something that photos just can’t do justice for. I walked around the theatre twice by myself, marveling in the ornate sculptures and figures atop the massive columns.

Dolores Park

This centrally-located park in San Francisco is a great hangout for locals and tourists alike. You’ll see quite the variety of folk there participating in all sorts of various activities. There are also tons of facilities there such as tennis courts, basketball courts, and an open field. And if your four-legged friend is with you on your trip, bring them ~ it’s a very accompanying park.

San Francisco MoMa

See iconic masterpieces in this beautifully designed modern art museum featuring works spanning from the surrealist works of René Magritte to pieces fabricated by local artists as recent as this year. It’s newly redesigned as well, so if you’ve been in before, no harm in checking it out again!

Downtown Berkeley

If you’re looking to get out of the commotion of San Francisco for a minute, just use your Clipper card to take Bart to Downtown Berkeley! It’s a cute, art-filled area full of culture and vibrant people. There’s some great food options there as well, such as Berkeley Social Club which is know for its delicious breakfasts and great atmosphere.